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Belts and Braces

13 April 2023

Belt & braces is a good old-fashioned saying and everyone knows what it means, sort of. Literally, it’s about making sure all the important bits are covered.

As an HR consultancy for SME’s, we get back to basics with our clients to make sure all their business essentials are covered and that their business is protected.

A well written offer letter and Terms and Conditions of employment document are crucial to a business.  These are the belt and braces protection a business needs in the ever-changing world of employment law. 

When it comes to employing people, there are so many pitfalls to avoid, a solid contract of employment can help protect a business when managing all sorts of people issues in the future.

Unfortunately, we know it’s not very exciting stuff and most business owners have more interesting priorities to be getting on with. From statutory changes and essential employment policies, to employee privacy notices and restrictive covenants we’d bore ourselves too if we didn’t love what we do so much. 🤗

And that’s just for starters. There are key policies and procedures that must be in place as well as an understanding of all the statutory entitlements in place for employees. From recruitment, helping employees through life events, data protection and creating policies that are right for the business, it can all be a bit of a minefield.

The good news is we can help. 

Our experienced team of consultants can quickly appraise your business situation and make recommendations to get you where you need to be with all the important bits covered.

We offer clients a comprehensive review of their existing employment documents and make recommendations for any updates required. We ensure key clauses are present within the employment contract and that wording remains relevant and compliant with all the statutory requirements.

We can also review your main employment policies and procedures to ensure statutory employee essentials are in place, as well as making suggestions for other policies the company might want to implement. Again, we prioritise statutory compliance as well as making recommendations which work for their business, culture and direction of growth.

Don’t worry or panic if something is missing, we can get just what your business needs to cover any gaps, and it won’t cost the earth.

What happens if a business gets it wrong? It can be costly in more ways than one.

Reputational damage can spread like wildfire across social media these days - which may impact your bottom line, or ability to attract new talent for a while.    

Getting your employment documents and business protection wording in place is something a business has to get right.

We’d recommend regular reviews of main documents to ensure ongoing relevance and compliance.   

Bringing peace of mind to business owners, compliance and employment terms that work for the business is just one of the things we enjoy as HR consultants.

Business owners can then get on with the more exciting parts of running their business as well as hopefully sleeping better at night...😴   

We do lots of other helpful stuff too, HR consultancy for SME’s: 

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