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Calling all People Managers…

14 August 2023

Calling all People Managers…

We’re talking about the benefits of positive leadership skills and how to get them.

The first cohort of our L3 leadership development programme Life Long Leadership skills successfully completed in June 2023.

The pioneering cohort embarked and sailed through their leadership journeys. Over the 6 month period, they collaboratively worked through the 5 modules of the programme, had one-to-one coaching sessions with the programme leader, the highly respected Seren Trewavas, and discovered their own leadership styles. They are now transitioning their learning back into the workplace with brand new awareness, knowledge and leadership skills to integrate with their teams.

The main learning outcomes of L3 are more motivated, resilient leaders, enabled to manage their teams in a positive manner. This in turn improves employee engagement and retention levels with employees feeling valued at work; and is a win/win situation for any business.

More resilient leaders and increased employee engagement ultimately help grow a successful business with a positive culture.

The L3 programme runs regularly throughout the year, with a schedule carefully designed to be work life balance friendly. Here’s an example of the 2024 schedule:




26th January

11am – 1pm


8th or 9th February

1 hour

Insights feedback

23rd February

11am – 1pm

Module 1

15th March

11am – 1pm

Module 2

19th April

11am – 1pm

Module 3

10th May

11am – 1pm

Module 4

24th May

11am – 1pm

Module 5

7th June

11am – 12:30pm

Module 6

The benefits of this programme are long lasting, life long in fact.

On completing the L3 journey, learners will be enabled to:

  • Identify their purpose and desired brand as a leader, setting development goals that are meaningful and achievable
  • Develop trusting relationships, influencing others more effectively
  • Communicate with impact, developing and motivating others
  • Build a high performing team, creating a positive team culture
  • Appreciate how to lead in a sustainable way, balancing short term and longer term needs
  • Develop life long networking skills and business contacts

Learners come to understand the importance of strong, positive line management and develop capability as modern business leaders along the way.

Here’s what our Cohort 1 participants had to say about the programme…

“I will be recommending this course to all management in my firm.”

“It allowed me to learn more about myself and be open and more receptive when it comes to learning about others, and also allowed me to communicate with different people more effectively.”

“The modules on coaching and high performing teams provided me with so many things to think about and how to apply them in work, these to me were incredibly useful and insightful.”

“The highlight of the programme for me was learning more about my own style and being aware of others’ styles.”

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