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Reflections on 2020 and looking ahead to 2021 - by rhyme!

11 December 2020

For Align People HR what a year it has been!
For 2020 no-one could have seen
With redundancies and recruitment but start-ups too
We’ve worked tirelessly this whole year through
We were hit with Furlough a phrase unused
Which left many a client totally bemused
The details were released in just dribs and drabs
but our team were constantly keeping tabs
We kept your teams' communication levels high
While your meetings were moved to a cloud in the sky
There was no face to face, Zoom was the new norm
But we were here to make sure your staff were on form.

Looking ahead we won't sugar coat
But some office jobs won't be so remote
Though for some companies its now a permanent choice
And so we'll always be here to explain as your voice
Awareness of your staff and their mental wellbeing
is something this year, more of we'll be seeing
And So once again, we'll be here to assist,
with culture, communication and all things not to be missed
So if in 2021 you want to raise the bar,
Don't forget to ask for help from Align People HR!

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